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Projects of recovery

Coordinator: University IUAV of Venice, Planning department

The technical plans are not sufficient to start a process of recovery in an abandoned terraced area: indeed, many other issues must be considered for such a work, as the social and economical setting, the agricultural cultivations, and much more. So, the subject of recovery projects must involve many aspects to grant management and maintenance of the terraced areas.

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  • On stragies of recovery, after the meeting in Goriska Brda

    The consideration on the strategies of recovery are, as could be foreseen, a very important point for the project, but also very hard topic to deal with. As lead partner I am trying to develop it, exploring the different aspects that it comprehend, as perhaps emerged from the presentation in Goriska Brda.

    Generally speaking, the aspects that we are developing can grouped so:

    - strategies and tools for supporting recovery (financial, planning, ...)

    - technological approaches and technical elements of recovery

    In the next months we’ll try, on one side, to make more systematical the survey of strategies and techniques. On the other side the contribution of everyone will be useful to define a ’line of thinking’ and some project guidelines to complete the work

    Luca Lodatti

    By the way, it was really interesting the manual prepared by the partners of Nova Gorica for technical reference in recovery.

  • Summary of the discussion in Genoa

    I am trying to summarize here below what said in the work session in Genoa, to start a deeper discussion about the point that remained open.

    A first list of multi-sector activities linked to the restoration of abandoned terraced areas have been produced, organized in three steps:
    - Preliminary works for recovery
    - Concrete restoration activities
    - Managements and maintenance of terraced areas

    The detailed list, that can be downloaded here below, result in a model that will be tested through the projects pilot works and will eventually form a check-list, useful as a tool for any project of recovery in terraced areas.

    All the guys that took part to the discussion in the afternoon in Genoa are invited to give their response to this summary.

    Luca Lodatti

    Regione Veneto