The partners of Project ALPTER has decided to start a discussion on some topics concerning terracements, their management and recovery. The forum is open to everybody interested in these subjects.

» Agricultural land use

The terracements in the Alps have hosted for centuries the agricultural activities that sustained the population. Still, at the present time, the cultivations to plant in a terraced area must be (...)

» Mapping + historical study

The existing topomaps do not identify normally more than 50% of the terracements present in an area; yet, such data are necessary for any consideration about recovery and even more for any (...)

» Natural risk

The agriculture on terracements is closely linked to the problem of natural risk, in many a way: on one side the terraced structures offers a ’spontaneous’ form of defence against landslides, but (...)

» Projects of recovery

The technical plans are not sufficient to start a process of recovery in an abandoned terraced area: indeed, many other issues must be considered for such a work, as the social and economical (...)

» Tourism promotion

The present situation of terraced mountain areas is such that agriculture can hardly sustain by its own the local economy. Tourism can become in this sense a major contribution to support the (...)