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» 4th World Congress of Terraced Landscapes

The Fourth World Congress of Terraced Landscapes took place this year in the Canary Islands (E) from 13th to 22nd of March. It was the new edition of an event organized by the International (...)

» ALPTER Project results

After the final conference (15.02.2008), the ALPTER Project concluded its regular activities. Nonetheless, the project staff is doing its best to keep up-to-date the web site. The final (...)

» Contacts

Regione Veneto Urban and Landscape Planning Department Dr. Luca Lodatti Phone: +39 041 279 2072 E-mail: luca.lodatti@alpter.net

» Discussion forum on terracements

The partners of Project ALPTER has decided to start a discussion on some topics concerning terracements, their management and recovery. The forum is open to everybody interested in these (...)

» International Congress on Mountain Viticulture

The First International Congress on Mountain Viticulture was held on 17th/18th of March in Saint-Vincent (Aosta, Italy). Organized by CERVIM (Centre for Mountain Viticulture), Regione Valle (...)

» International Workshop in Genoa - 20th January 2006

Project ALPTER has organized for January 2006 an intrenational workshop on the topic of terracements, with the participations of some international organizations that from a long time have been (...)

» Join the Network for terraced landscapes !

Throughout the European Union many organizations are involved in reclaiming terraced sites at local level. But in order to properly exploit such a significant potential, the current isolation of (...)

» Links

This is an attempt at collecting the most important reference sites for terraced landscapes and dry-stone walling in each country, especially focusing on this topic, containing information and (...)

» Photo gallery of terraced landscapes

One of the most interesting aspects of terraced areas is their landscape, that shows the encounter of human and natural origin. The pictures here below present this characters, together with (...)

» Pictures from a journey in Liguria

Collected here below can be found some pictures of Ligurian terraced landscapes from the journey of all the partners in January 2006 near Genoa, with an important contribution from the Slovenian (...)
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