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Considerations on the necessity of a multi-sector approach to the topic of recovery for abandoned terraced areas, starting from the project developed in Veneto by University of Venice. (English and Italian versions)

From the introduction:


The project (as a component of the Alpter Project) intends to set forth a process of ’land restoration’ for the terraced terrains at Valstagna (Vicenza) along the Brenta Canal. The terrain hosts a system of built settlements that were once environmentally well integrated with the area’s diverse microclimatic, hydrological and pedological characteristics. This system has been completely abandoned in its upper-altitude sections for at least 50 years, and has remained partially abandoned in the lower-altitude sections.

This process of abandonment has developed gradually, following the historic trends of population migration, not only of the Canal but of other European and foreign countries, and it has caused a progressive weakening of the local communities, which led to their eventual collapse. This abandonment does not seem to have a retrograded development, in following the historic development model of colonization that had once produced the terraces in the upper-altitudes to subsequently descend and settle the mid-levels and lower river embankments. The community and its settlements had weakened simultaneously reaching the lower limits of Mattietti, a partially inhabited town district.
In addition to the demise of local economies, the abandonment had caused for the degradation of the area’s housing and its annexed agricultural facilities..."

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