Joining the ’Network for terraced landscapes’

In the last years peripheral mountain areas under risk of abandonment have emerged as one of the key issues for territorial policies of many regions. Among the international projects confronting this problem, ALPTER has chosen a specific and well defined scope: the ’terraced landscapes’ of the Alps, a form of agricultural land use that is progressively being adandoned.

When the project started, in 2005, many initiatives were rising separately in all EU to deal with this topic at local level: project ALPTER has chosen to create a network that could connect governments, producers and research institutes interested in this subject. This network has contacted many organisations thanks to the work of the partners of the project, but it is open to anyone, wether public institution or private group, interested in this topic.

Here below can be downloaded the form for joining the network, to be filled with Your data and sent to

» Network data sheet - Word, 45.5┬ákb