Happy and peaceful New Year


Dear friends of ITLA,

on the way to Peru we wish you a healthy peaceful and fruitful New Year 2012 sending you a photo of the Colca Valley Terraces, where the next World Conference on Terraced Landscapes of the World will
be held end of 2013. The organising Committee from Peru will meet on January 25th 2012 for the next planning workshop at the Catholic University of the World Conference 2013.

After this we shall disseminate the announcement and ask for pre-inscriptions as well as for comments on the chosen topics. Please send a short message about areas with Terraced Landscapes, as we want to disseminate a world map with the regions listed, where terraced landscapes exist. We also want to ask you all to send names of researchers and practitioners from all over the world, who could be interested to join ITLA.

Best regards, Timmi Tillmann and Maruja Salas

Advisors of Right Livelihood College at Center for Policy Research and International Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia, timmitillmann@gmail.com