August 2012 - News from International Terraced Landscapes Alliance


Dear colleagues from ITLA, Herewith I send you the latest news from ITLA.

ITLA New members

New members have been affiliating from Spain (15), Ethiopia (Kibreab Habte Michael), Switzerland (Raimund Rodewald), France (Thierry Ruf) and USA (Bill Rivera). Please help us to gain more partners and members of ITLA in the coming months by sending out the attached registration form. Thanks to Sabina Asins from Valencia the Spanish section of ITLA has grown to the largest Terrace Research Group at international level (besides Peru as there is a large group of researchers and activists involved in the organisation of the Second World Conference). We are also contacting our members to join the International Advisory Committee of the forthcoming World Conference November 2013 in the Colca Valley in Peru.

Preparatory Meeting in Lima, Peru

On July 16th the organisers of the Second World Conference on Terraced Landscapes met at the Catholic University in Lima to continue preparing the Conference, which will occur in November 2013 in Chivay in the mid of the Terraced Landscape of the Colca Valley. The participants informed about the progress in preparing local case studies, regional conferences in 5 areas of the Peruvian Andes, identification of outstanding farmers - guardians of the terraces and its agrobiodiversity and cultures. John Earls in his seminar on Andean Technology and History is collecting an updated Bibliography on Terraced Landscapes in Peru - he will use the 9 Conference topics as the structure to classify the Bibliography, which should be ready by December 2012. We discussed the preparation of the pre-announcement of the World Conference, which will be send out during the coming weeks for pre-registration. This document will also serve as base document for contacting international funding agencies to ask for support of the World Conference.

The Terrace Program of Agrorural from the Agrarian Ministry of Peru (pilot project funded by IDB) presented the progress of the inventory of terraced landscapes for the regions of Lima, Huancavelica, Ayacucho and Apurimac. Te inventory is prepared by Desco and will be presented during the National Terrace Conference to be organised end of September in Lima, Peru. Be aware of the news from Peru. Our next preparation meeting will be held in Chivay in December 2012 back to back with a REGIONAL WORKSHOP for the regions of Arequipa and surrounding areas like Moquegua and Tacna. Dates are planned for Dec 19 to 20. We also have discussed to organise a 10 day summer course end of January 2013 (in Spanish) on Terraced Landscapes, its history, culture and significance in Cusco as a cooperation between the Center Bartolome de las Casas from Cusco (Mourik Bueno de Mesquita) and the Catholic University in Lima (John Earls). A separate announcement of the course program will follow soon.

References on Agricultural terraces in Spain

The Spanish section of the International Terraced Landscapes Alliance has prepared an exhaustive list of bibliographic references concerning agricultural terraces. This is a collection of books and scientific articles dealing with terraced areas (their conservation, cultivation, etc.) in Spanish language, which can be useful both to the researchers and to the connoisseurs to learn more. The following link guides you to the page of Alpter, where you can download the bibliography on terraced landscapes in Spain.

Visit to Terraced Landscapes in Peru

Maruja Salas and myself had the chance to visit several terraced landscape areas in Peru. Together with Mourik Bueno and Ana Pino from Puno we visited the Province of Sandia in Puno, Peru. The terraces of the oriental slopes leading to the Amazon basin are well kept and as the climate is rather humid constitute a very special environment. The terraces count with specific irrigation and drainage channels. The farmers of Sandia have built their houses on the slopes and manage the terraces surrounding their living places and keep a rich production of corn and other crops for their subsistence and for the market.

From July 3 to 8 we guided a Participatory Action Research process on themes like Water, Organic Farming, Climate Change and Environmental Risks in the district of Mollebamba, Province of Antabamba in Apurimac, Central Andes on behalf of the Adaptation Program to Climate Change (PACC) funded by the Swiss Government. Participants from different organisations joined the research teams (PACC, CBC, PREDES, TAREA) together with community members. The communities of Mollebamba face the presence of a Mining Enterprise which affects and will affect their livelihood and water quality. Out of this farmer research will result a video on the participatory research process and about the different aspects of terraced landscapes linked to Andean crops and water management in a historic dimension.

Best regards, Timmi

Timmi Tillmann, Advisor of Right Livelihood College at CenPRIS - Center for Policy Research and International Studies, e-mail:, Universiti Sains Malaysia - 11800 Penang, Malaysia

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