International Congress on Terraced Landscapes: from Peru 2014 to Italy 2016

A recent meeting of the International terraced Landscapes Alliance (ITLA) in Italy has given the opportunity to sum up the work and the results of the 2nd International Congress held in Cusco from 14th to 22th of May. About 250 people from different countries took part in the Congress: to the field trips in the fascinating terraced areas of Peru (as Tipon, or Moray) and to the working tables about traditions and techniques linked to these places and their preservation. At the link here below an gallery can be found with images from the congress, depicting only a small part of the experience offered by the event, related not only to scientific research but also to contact and exchange with farmers (campesinos) of terraced areas.

Yet the recent meeting in Padua was aimed not only to a recapitulation of the last experiences, but to the organization of the 3rd International Congress, which will be held in Italy in 2016. The Italian Section of the ITLA, one of the most active groups in the international network, has started planning the event: it will be in Northern Italy, while field trips cover other parts of the countries, the whole Alps, the Apennines, down to the Islands. Many stunning terraced landscapes can be found in Italy (from Costa Viola to Cinque Terre, from Langhe to Chianti) and the incoming event will be centered not only in visiting them, but in getting in contact with the people inhabiting them and their daily problems to maintain this heritage. In the gallery here below are included also some images form the ITLA meeting in Padua.

Image gallery from the 2nd International Congress on Terraced Landscapes in Peru, 14th-22th May 2014