Presentations held at the ALPTER Final conference

The Final conference of the ALPTER project “Living terraced landscapes” was held on the 14th and 15th of February 2008 in Ljubljana. At the event took part the project partners, scientifical experts of international level and several national and local authorities. Here below can be downloaded the presentations of the speakers. A photogalley of the conference is also available, clicking here.

February 14th, Morning

Mauro Varotto, University of Padua

Presentation of the ALPTER final publication
Mihael Ribi?i? & Anja Musek, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engeneering

"Sustainable slope and geotechnical works"
Gerardo Brancucci, University of Genoa, POLIS Department, Giola Gibelli, Francesca Neonato

"Characterization of terraced areas finalized to assessment of landslide hazard"
Ana Petkovšek, Jure Klop?i?, Bojan Majes, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering,

"Terraced landscapes and their influence on the slope stability"
Mateja Jemec, Marko Komac, Geological Survey of Slovenia

"Landslide susceptibility in Slovenia on general and vineyard related landslides"
Blaž Komac, Matija Zorn, Anton Melik Geographical Institute, Scientific Research Centre, Slovenian Academy
of Sciences and Art

"Landslide hazard in the Goriška Brda hills"
Andrea Ninfo, Paolo Mozzi, Department of Geography, University of Padua

"Hazard evaluation in terraced areas of the Brenta Valley: A LiDar based approach"
Tiziana Apuani, Emanuele Catelli, Marco Massetti, Daniele Pedretti, Alessio Conforto, University of Milan

"The infiltration process in a terraced slope: Experimental and numerical analysis of hydrogeological and
geotechnical aspects"

February 14th, Afternon

Anuška Štoka, Interreg Alpine Space Joint Technical Secretariat

"Best practice examples and new priorities and opportunities in the Alpine Space"
Margarita Jan?i?, National Office for Interreg III B and CADSES of Slovenia

"Endogenous potentials and capitalisation of results of Interreg III B"
Eric Roose, former director of research of IRD, centre of Montpellier,

"Terracing in Africa: Typology, efficiency, limits and perspectives"
Lu?ka Ažman Momirski, University of Ljubljana - Faculty of Architecture, Drago Kladnik, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts

"Terraced landscapes in Slovenia"
Andreja Škvar?, Ivan Kodri?, KGZS Institute of Agriculture and Forestry, Nova Gorica

"Vineyards and orchards on terraces in Primorska region"
Simona Hauptman, Roman Štabuc, KGZS Institute of Agriculture and Forestry, Maribor

"The possibilities of revitalisation of the terraced vineyards in Podravje"
Simonetta Dovier, Regione Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Regional Agency for Rural Development

"NEPROVALTER Project - Network of local agricultural production for the valorisation and the knowledge of the alpine area"
Andrej Rebernišek, Stanislav Leskovar, KGZS Institute of Agriculture and Forestry

"Is it possible to maintain vineyards on steeper slopes with mini terraces?"
Silvia Stanchi, Michele Freppaz, University of Turin, Valeria Revelchion, Autonomous Region Valle d’Aosta

"Terraced agriculture: Anthropogenic effects on soil characteristics"

February 15th, Morning

Lu?ka Ažman Momirski, Drago Perko, Drago Kladnik, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture

ALPTER project presentation - Slovenian results
Christophe Clivaz, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, Institute of Economics & Tourism

"Tourism and landscape: Between conflict and common interests"
Arne Arnberger, Renate Eder, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences of Vienna

"Tourism potentials and strategies for the terraced landscapes of the Alpine Arc"
Jelka Hudoklin, ACER Novo mesto

"Terraced Landscapes: Areas of landscape identity in changing processes«
Lisa Garbellini, IREALP

"Tourism offer in terraced areas"
Andrée Dagorne, Université de Nice-Sophia-Antipolis - A.D.I. Association for Infographic Development

"Study of the terraces to a reflection on the European and Mediterranean cooperation"

February 15th, Afternoon

Pierre Donadieu, University of Versailles

Terraced landscapes in Europe: Why, for whom & how?"
Franz Höchtl, Claude Petit, Werner Konold, Albert-Ludwigs-University - Institute of Landscape Management

"The Historical Vineyards Project: Winegrowing, heritage conservation and nature protection in tandem"
Liljana Jankovi? Grobelšek, Acer Novo mesto d.o.o.

"Is living in the vineyards a problem that could be solved?"
Silvio Werder, Dominik Alig, Bregaglia Region

"Bregaglia: Regional policy and planning"
Anton Prosen, Anka Lisec, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering

"Conservation of terraced landscape as protection of soil against erosion"