Join the Network for terraced landscapes !

Throughout the European Union many organizations are involved in reclaiming terraced sites at local level. But in order to properly exploit such a significant potential, the current isolation of the single initiatives should be overcome.
The ALPTER project is gathering as many contacts as possible, in order to join the local efforts by establishing a network of stakeholders sharing a common interest in terraced landscapes.

The network is continuously widening and its current members are spread throughout the Alpine arc. The member receive a regular newsletter and will get the publications collecting the works done in regard to terraceda areas and technical issues for their recovery.

To join the network, just fill in the application form downloadable at the end of the page with Your data and send it to the e-mail address:

Then, for the visitors of Your web-site can be intersting to have a link to the Network page of Project ALPTER, to take a look to other situations, consult documents, make comparisons or get new ideas.

Here below can be found two banners to choose from and the HTML code that leads to the network page: