Abstracts from the Workshop in Genova

Here below are presented the lectures delivered at the workshop held in Genoa on 20th January 2006 (organized by project ALPTER, Regione Liguria and University of Genoa). At the end of the page the abstracts can be downloaded.

Christine Neff, Swiss Foundation for Landscape Protection

"Fondamenti e misure per la conservazione e la cura dei paesaggi terrazzati in Svizzera"

(Principles and measures for conservation of terraced landscapes in Switzerland)

An introduction to the activities carried out by the Swiss Foundation for Landscape Protection and a summary of the studies realized in their research campaign on terraced landscapes of the Confederation, for definition of a common classification method and of guidelines for management. (Italian version only)

Sabina Asins-Velis, Centro de Investigaciones sobre Desertificación-CIDE (Valencia)

"New paradigms in the semi-arid Mediterranean terraced landscapes studies"

Presentation of the last results achieved by European Commission in the development of a research protocol for Mediterranean terraced areas; toward an improved knowledge and evaluation of the status of the terraced structures and new possibilities for management. (English version)

Paolo Baldeschi, Univerity of Florence

"Fare insieme paesaggio e agricoltura"

(Building together landscape and agriculture)

The experience realized in Chianti (Tuscany) on terraced areas by University of Florence, with activities of research and recovery in collaboration with local stakeholders, for the definition of scientific rules for the farmers to balance agricultural production and respect for landscape. (Italian version only)

Andrea Mancuso, UNESCO - Office for Science in Europe

"The Traditional Knowledge World Bank"

First presentation of the catalogue on traditional techniques for land management developed by UNESCO with IPOGEA, for the creation of an international database about fight against desertification, accessible through the web and able to compare different experiences worldwide. (Italian version only)

Mauro Varotto, University of Padua

"Progetto ALPTER - I paesaggi terrazzati, da problema a risorsa"

(ALPTER Project - Terraced landscapes from problem to resource)

A general presentation of the problems confronted by Project ALPTER, with particular attention to the different methods of mepping and measurement of the terraced areas on and to the various strategies for recovery and management of the abandoned areas. (Italian version only)