Study areas and partners of the project

Below the project partners and the location of their respective pilot areas are listed and reported on a map. The partnership was built with the purpose of covering the whole Alpine arc, as well as involving subjects from many different fields.

a) Valley of River Brenta (Vicenza, Italy)
Partner: Regione Veneto

Urban Planning Department
b) S.Ilario of Nervi (Genoa, Italy)
Partner: Regione Liguria

Spatial and Landscape Planning Department
c) Valtellina and Valchiavenna (Sondrio, Italy)
Partner: IREALP

Institute for Economic and Ecologic Research in the Alps
d) Ulrichsberg (Upper Austria, Austria)
Partner: University BOKU of Vienna

Landscape Development, Recreation and Conservation Planning
e) Goriska Brda (Slovenia)
Partner: University of Lubiana

Faculty of Architecture
f) Valley of River Roya (Marictim Alps, France)
Partner: A.D.I.

Association for Infographic Development
g) Lower Aosta Valley (Aosta, Italy)
Partner: Regione Valle d’Aosta

Agriculture and Soil Protection Department
h) Val Bregaglia (Switzerland)
Partner: Regione Bregaglia JPEG

University Institutes involved in research activities:||

IUAV University of Venice

Urban Planning Department
University of Padua

Geography Department "G.Morandini"
University of Genoa

Department POLIS
University of Milan

Institute of Human Geography

Earth Science Department
University of Turin

Department for the Protection and Exploitation of
Agro-forestry Resources (DI.VA.P.R.A.)
Other involved organizations

Regional Bureau for science in Europe (ROSTE)
Slow Food

Foundation for Biodiversity