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» Pictures from the project meeting in Austria

Below some pictures taken during the project meeting held in Aigen-Schlagl (Upper Austria) on the 8/9 May can be seen. An important contribution to the photo gallery has been provided by the (...)

» Project ’ALPTER’

Interreg project ALPTER was conceived to counteract the abandonment of terraced agricultural areas in the alpine region, a problem that only during the last years has risen the attention of both (...)

» Project activities

This is the agenda of the activities of Project ALPTER for the years 2005-2007, as defined in accord by all the partners and updated regularly. Following the links is possible to see the first (...)

» Project ALPTER Results - Old version

After the final conference (15.02.2008), the ALPTER Project concluded its regular activities. Nonetheless, the project staff is doing its best to keep up-to-date the web site. First of all, the (...)


Here can be downloaded the presentations held at the conference Check also the conference photogallery Finally, click here to reach the conference website THE PROJECT Interreg project ALPTER (...)

» State of the project (16.10.06)

Below are summarized the results of the project groups of discussion, as presented during the last meeting of the partners (12-13th October, Goriška Brda, Slovenia). The methodological (...)

» Status of the project

This page reports the development of project ALPTER ’point of view’ on different topics regarding terraced landscapes. The output of this work will eventually result in the project proposal for a (...)

» Study areas and partners of the project

Below the project partners and the location of their respective pilot areas are listed and reported on a map. The partnership was built with the purpose of covering the whole Alpine arc, as well (...)
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